Friday, November 17, 2017

VIDEO: Bikers chase lions in Gir forest, just for fun


VIDEO: Bikers chase lions in Gir forest, just for fun


We agree there is a thrill of the chase and many adventurers love to do things that give them an adrenaline rush, but there are also things that are simply foolish. One such incident happened in Gujarat when men on a motorcycle chased a lion and a lioness! Yes, believe it or not, but these daredevils chased the poor animals deep into the woods for quite long.


The shocking video surfaced online and the men can be heard speaking in Gujarati as they continue to follow the animal running away at high speed in very close proximity. And not just dead into the night, the second part of the video clearly shows four men on two bikes bothering the animals even in daylight.


The footage was shared by news agency ANI and they said that the police have arrested three people so far. Gir sanctuary in Gujarat, the home to Asiatic lions, is supposed to have tight security.




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